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    Erasing data in Hard Drive Free Space

    I keep getting the same 2 Trojans every day & every day my Zone Alarm AV/AS keeps putting them in quarantine. I've read that this constant reappearance can be stopped by "scrubbing/erasing/cleaning" Free Space on the Hard Drive. I must be using the wrong search words or terminology because I am unable to find any references to this Free Space Data Erasing in Windows Secrets. I feel sure that you've either published an article or described software to use to accomplish this practice. Could you give me a hint as to how to locate it?
    Despite having worked with computers for many years, I admit that I just don't know how to select Free Space for Data Erasure.
    Thanks, Arshan

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    Software and files that have been erased but still exist on the disk cannot come back to life by themselves. There must be some other process at work. What are the trojans named? Maybe there is a specific clean-up regimen you need to follow to fully get rid of them.

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