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    XP hard disk partition full

    How do I merge/remove partitions in WinXP SP3? My PC was set up with 3 partitions, C, D and E. C is now full and cannot take any more data or apps. I no longer need three partitions. I want to reduce things to just C and have C use the whole disk. A "Merge" or "Concatenate" instruction is what I want but my research shows only "Delete" which deletes a partition and anything in it forever, and "Resize" which appears to decrease only the size to free up space for a new partition. Can "Resize" increase the size of a partition?

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    Hi Peter, and welcome to the Lounge!

    Check out a third party partition manager such as Easeus Partition Manager Free edition. Click the different highligted text items under Partition Manager, Disk & Partition Copy Wizard, and Partition Recovery Wizard for some tutorials on how to do everything Easeus is capable of doing.

    Be sure to backup your files before modifying partitions, as there is always a risk of losing data, and you might want to label each partition with a descriptive name so you can easily distinguish one from another.

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    You cannot merge partitions.
    Backup the second and third partition data, delete the partitions and extend C: - using the above tool. Now restore the data.

    cheers, Paul

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