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    Opening vba query in another Access db

    I do way more VBA in Excel than Access, but this time I need to open a query in another db from my db. I'm basically using the same code to run the other db that the other db uses, with a modified Set db=OpenDatabase("path"). However, I'm having trouble with the password on the other db. The code in the other db to run the password is

    DoCmd.OpenQuery "Logon_q"
    DoCmd.Close acQuery, "Logon_q"

    This gives a "can't find the object 'Login_q' error in my db. How do I open and close this query from my db?

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    Docmd uses the currently opened database.

    When use open another database that is assigned to the variable db then you must use commands that reference the db variable.

    Is the query a select or action query?

    If an action query then you can use:

    db.Execute "Logon_q", dbFailOnError
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