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    Question Bios upgrade necessary for Win 7 64-bit?

    Have Win 7 Pro 64-bit disk ready to install on a fresh hard drive to replace my old Win XP 32-bit OS. It is necessary that I first install new 64-bit bios for the motherboard in order to run 64-bit? How about the video card?

    Belarc Advisor gives me these specs:
    MB: AUSTek M2N-E 1.XX, 4GB RAM
    BIOS: Phoenix Technologies, LTD ASUS M2N-E ACPI BIOS Revision 1202 10/29/2007 CPU: 2.50 gigahertz AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core
    Video: NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT

    I ran the Windows 7 upgrade advisor, which under "Information about upgrading to 64-bit Windows" says nothing about the BIOS; just says a custom installation of Win 7 is required (i.e., no upgrade from old OS); Aero is supported, and warns me about a few old applications installed under XP. Says the GeForce 7600 GT is compatible.

    ASUSTek has six iterations of updated BIOS for this motherboard, but the notes on each indicate no improvements that would appear to address my situation (updates are for new processors or devices I don't have).

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    It is unlikely that you need to update the BIOS for Windows 7. If the hardware advisor indicates that your hardware is adequate, that should do it.

    I successfully installed Windows 7 on a Dell Latitude D800 with a BIOS release date of 9/9/2004. I did have to Vista-ize the video driver to get native resolution, but the old BIOS did not pose any problems at all.
    Create a fresh drive image before making system changes, in case you need to start over!

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    I did a Win-7 upgrade for a friend while RVing in Texas this winter. I made sure all software & OS upgrades were in place. The upgrade would proceed then when rebooted fail. Luckily, I kept Images of the VISTA system and could easily restore. After the 2nd failure I hit the web and sure enough a BIOS upgrade was required. I downloaded the upgrade, warned my friend about the possible bricking of the machine and with their OK proceeded. BIOS upgraded just fine. Win-7 upgraded fine. I wish I could remember the PC make and model but it slips mind {CRS} but I do know it was a mainstream brand.
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    On my ASUS netbook I did have to install a bios update in order to get some of the special keys software to work and for some of the battery saving programs. The netbook ran fine without the bios update, but some of the special asus programs would not run.

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    I would try the clean install to Win 7 64 Bit with the present Bios. If you have similar problems that RG had with his friends PC then do the Bios upgrade (Remember: Create an Up To Date Image of your Win XP before starting the installation) If the Bios works OK, then leave it. You could always try the Bios upgrade after the Win 7 installation.
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