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Thread: Easy Transfer

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    Easy Transfer

    I want to migrate my data from my old XP to my new Win7 laptop. I have read up on Win7 Easy Transfer and have a few questions.

    1. Should I install the programs (Office, Picasa) before or after the data transfer, or doesn't it make any difference?
    2. Do I have to transfer everything on my list in one shot, or can I come back later and transfer additional files?

    Thanks, HH

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    I found it just as easy to transfer the data to a flash drive then to the new OS. The Easy Transfer seemed to take a long time. I had already installed the apps, then just moved the data to where it was supposed to go. I also set up all my data (app data, Favs, contacts, my docs etc) onto a separate partition. It was just quicker and easier for me doing it this way. YMMV
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