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    Agency move from IE6 to IE8 Kills Web site

    We have an agency Web site that was written several years ago using Windows 2003 server, IIS, MDAC, and Active X components to control user log on and display much database driven content on the portal page and its associated applications. After the agency upgraded to IE8 (skipping 7) without adequate testing, we discovered that the database driven content no longer displayed. I suspect it could be a kill bit issue but more likely that IE8 and 9 no longer work with the MDAC components used up through IE6. If the latter is true, I would appreciate what needs to be changed on the Web site application server so that the site functions with IE8. Thanks

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    That is a question we are unlikely to be able to answer because it depends on the code behind the site - it will be big. The most likely solution is to re-write the site, or load IE6 as a separate application (via a virtual PC).

    cheers, Paul

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