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    Dr Watson's check of Windows Vista says 'the Volume Bit Map is Incorrect'

    I have a HP Pavillion dv9543cl with Win Vista sp2 completely updated, free of malware/virus/keyloggers/etc., however, when I employ Ashampoo's Dr Watson analysis, the log file indicated that 'the Volume Bit Map is Incorrect'. I have run the system file check, chkdsk /f /r, and have tried to clean the registry with RegAce and jv16 Power Tools as well as Ashampoo ver 7. The incorrect Bit Map persists. I am not sure what else I might try; I suspect that this problem is related to the reason why I am unable to get some of the MS Troubleshooting software devices to go to completion. I attempted to obtain MS support as this is something that one of their tecnicians responded to with suggestions; I submitted the requested informaiton, but that was several weeks ago and no response.
    When I performed a hardware check of the disks via the BIOS instructions, the hard drives checked out okay. I am sort of stumpped. Any suggestions?
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