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    WORD 2000 (SR-1)

    Does anyone know how to restore an overwritten WORD document file? I read somewhere that WORD has this capability. I was planning to use GoBack that came with Norton SystemWorks 2002 but it is not a full version and does not have the file restoration feature.

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    Re: WORD 2000 (SR-1)

    It's very easy - restore your backup!
    One small thing: you must create a backup BEFORE the document was overwritten. Word has the capability to create backups for your documents (File | Versions and check Automatically Save a version... in Word2000, or Tools | Track changes | Highlight Changes and check Track changes... or Tools | Options | Save and Always create a backup copy.) You can use any Backup program you like but - before you lose your file. Theoretically it is possible to restore the erased file in some circumstances, but don't count on it. (If clusters on your hard drive that contain your document was overwritten already - if your partition is formatted in FAT it's highly probable that after your computer was reboot several times - you can say goodbye to your document.)

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