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    Create a sytem restore disk without DVD drive


    I read with great interest Fred's article on building a Win 7 safety net. I recently purchased a new netbook for my wife. I would like to create a System Repair Boot Disc per his article. The only problem is that this netbook has no DVD drive.

    On the same line, the netbook manufacturer (HP) has a recovery partition and a utility to build a Win 7 DVD restore disc. Again, even if I create the image file and burn the DVD on another machine, it would be useless if I must reimage the netbook drive as I couldn't boot the DVD.

    Is there a way to create a System Repair Boot "Disc" on a bootable USB drive?
    Is there a way to build a USB restore "disc"?

    I would rather not have to keep an external USB DVD drive laying around for the off chance I might need it some day.

    Any help on how to resolve this seeming catch-22 would be appreciated.

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    On the same line, the netbook manufacturer (HP) has a recovery partition and a utility to build a Win 7 DVD restore disc
    If your HP utility will build a bootable DVD, that DVD will most likely be in ISO format.
    So instead of burning to a DVD, which you obviously can't, look into the possibility of saving it to your hard drive and then using the article below to place on the thumb drive.
    Look into that HP utility to see what options it offers.

    How to create a bootable Windows 7 USB flash drive
    With the above article you would need to have a copy of the OEM Windows 7 from your restore partition saved to your HDD in ISO format.

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    @CLiNT: I don't think the restore partition itself needs to be in ISO format, just the Windows 7 OEM; it's not in ISO format on the partition. It should work just fine copied directly to a bootable USB thumb drive.

    The Microsoft utility only accepts ISO files, but once the drive is formatted and bootable, it should be just another thumb drive; copy anything to the drive that there is room for.
    Create a fresh drive image before making system changes, in case you need to start over!

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