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    Help! I lost my iTunes Library!

    I've still got my 6 GB of music on my iPod Touch, but somehow my iTunes library is empty. I had the library in a separate location with My Documents when I moved it all to a separate partition on my XP machine and everything was fine. But today I opened iTunes and the library was empty! I've looked all over and can't find it or a backup....

    So, here's my question: is there any way to move the music files on my iPod into my iTunes library? I see I can create a txt file of the tunes, but how do I create the actual data files?

    The iPod doesn't show up as an external device, even though XP recognizes when I plug it in, and iTunes sees it fine. But there's no option in iTunes to copy the files onto my hard drive.

    Sure would appreciate any ideas here...
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