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    Exclamation Windows 7 Ultimate in a VM

    I have a puzzling experience activating Win7 Ultimate installed under a VM using Oracle Virtual Box running on Ubuntu 11.

    Have done a native, clean install of this disk on my Dell (i.e. native windows), no problems. Activated fine, daily use for a few months.

    Using same media, decided to try installing in a VM under Oracle Virtual Box running under Ubuntu. Install went fine, (I said activate online) windows update, fine, etc.. Now a couple of weeks later I get prompted again for activation. (curiously right after I installed Office 2007 and changed preferences to update all microsoft products). I enter the product code and the response is that this product is only authorized for "updating a prior version". This makes no sense? Any ideas how to correct this issue?

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    Curious, but we need a bit more detail to be certain about what is happening.

    Is the OS installation disk a retail version, or oem?

    Is the installation on the Dell machine still in place and has it been used while the VM has been live?

    Is the VM OS activated? Check system Properties to verify.

    At what point are you asked to enter the product key again? Was this to enable activation of Office(?) because you should never have to re-enter the key unless it has failed validation while installing additional MS software.

    On one machine here, I run Win 7 inside a VM on a native Linux platform with Office 2010 installed in the VM too. On that VM I've had no activation issues.

    So, perhaps it might be worthwhile verifying the obvious first: two machines can't run on the same key at the same time unless its a volume licence. OEM installs are tied to the original hardware. Mixing up the Office key with the OS key will result in Office activation failures and could present a re-validation (different from activation) request for the OS.

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