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    Word 2010 Restrict Formatting

    I cannot make sense of this feature. The instructions are clear as to how it should work in theory, but I cannot get the feature to behave logically.

    I have a document with headings and paragraphs. All is in 'normal' style except for some headings which have either 'Heading1' or 'Heading2' style applied.

    I want to stop anyone from altering the format of text in any style except text with heading1 style applied. In other words I only want to allow formatting edits on text with Heading1 style applied.

    I go to the view tab, click RESTRICT EDITING button and
    tick the box 'Limit Formatting to a selection of styles' in the task pane
    Click on 'Settings'
    in the list of styles present, I tick only HEADING1
    An info box then shows "This document may contain styles or formatting that aren't allowed. Do you want to remove them? Yes or No"

    Doesn't seem to matter whether I click Yes or No.
    I then click on "Yes start enforcing protection"

    When i look at the document all is well, but if i try to modify ANY font or formatting of any sort, I cant do so to ANYTHING ... even Heading1 paragraphs.

    All formatting buttons are ghosted. All i can do is apply Heading1 to paragraphs, but cannot alter the look of the style or the individual text.

    Have i misunderstood what this feature is for? I gathered it was to stop people from changing the format of certain elements in the document, but allow changing the format of designated elements??

    I have attached my document, but it's very simple as stated earlier. Any direction, links to explanations of that task pane and its features, or some kind of answer would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.
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    Many thanks for any help, much appreciated.
    Have a great day!

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    Restrict Formatting

    Hi there,

    I think you have misunderstood. If you restrict formatting you have to have any styles in use or going to be used to allow a user to work in a document. You cannot restrict it to one style when you have other styles in use. That would imply the only thing a user does is type a heading using heading 1 style and the whole document is Heading 1. That seems a little far fetched don't you think.

    You also have hard carriage returns (Pilcrows) everywhere. If you use styles you should very rarely need them.

    I see you have selected Heading 1 to restrict. It just is not going to work as you have Normal and Heading 1, 2 and so on defined and in use.

    Any style in use or which a user needs to use in a document must be included. If you look at the default recommendations for restrict formatting MS gives you every table style just in case you use a table and quite a few basic recommendations. You don't need them all but Page Header Footer are in all well formatted documents. So yes I think you've missed the point.


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    Similar problem to restricting styles

    I'm using Word 2007 and having a more basic problem restricting styles. Whatever styles I select, even all recommended or all, results in only Normal being available in the protected document. I'm also restricting to filling out forms only and have several form fields defined.


    PS - It appears that you can restrict styles OR you can restrict editing to filling in forms, but not both. It won't allow the restricted user to fill in forms and select the style for this entry. Bummer- that would have been nice. Does anyone know if this is fixed/changed in Word 2010?
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