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    Re: Laptops

    To me, those speeds each surpass any level of restricted productivity. Also, speed isn't everything, especially when you're talking about a laptop.

    Some considerations worth your while: HD capacity, memory, graphics, and other hardware options/configurations.

    Your most important consideration when purchasing a laptop, is the reputation of the company, warranty, and service procedures. This is one case where an extended warranty is Well worth it. Laptop components are very expensive to repair & replace. The chances are, it will pay for itself.

    Another consideration, just what is she going to use it for? In most atmospheres, 750mhz/128MB Ram will far surpass even your busiest of business travelers. On the other hand, if she's into video or graphics rendering, that wont be enough.

    Your best bet is to ask around & see how different specs are working for different people. I will say that Dell is a very good company, quick to resolve any issue you have, and alwaying making repair a simple process.
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    I'm trying to find out what sort of percentage difference in speed one gets from a 1.2GHz machine as opposed to 1.0GHz. I know the Dell Inspiron 4100 1.2GHZ achieves a Sysmark 2001 of 124, anyone know the figure for the 1.0GHz version. My daughter is considering these models against a Mesh Discovery 1.2GHz. Would be grateful for any comments about how people have found these or other fast but reasonably priced machines. Her main application is NaturallySpeaking, which runs very slowly on her existing 800MHz desktop.

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    Re: Laptops

    Given that speed recognition is the primary application driving the upgrade, then, the main factors driving performance are:

    1)Quality of microphone
    2)Speed of processor
    3)Speed and quality of audio processor on notebook
    4)Physical memory installed
    5)Speed of access to physical memory

    Speech recognition is one application that is very sensitive to raw CPU speed. Other applications include any compute intensive job, eg. simulations, encoding audio, encoding video.

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    Re: Laptops

    Thanks very much for the extremely relevant information. She's currently thinking of an IBM Thinkpad R30 1GHz, so will have to check these aspects for this particularly machine.


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