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    SSTab / MultiPage (VB6/Office 2000)

    In VB using an SSTab control or in VBA using a MultiPage control, what is the best way to display the same drawing composed of 7 shape controls on several different pages? Each of these pages may change the drawing in some way. IE, one page is Configuration, another is Setup, third is Move.

    It looks like the SSTAB/MultiPage makes controls disappear by setting the Left property to a large negative number, so I thought that I would just reset the Left property to the correct value in the click event of the SSTab (MultiPage) control. Is this a good idea? Anyone have a better idea? TIA --Sam
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    Re: SSTab / MultiPage (VB6/Office 2000)

    How about putting the shape control on top of the tab control rather than "in" it. In other words don't make the tab control the container of the shape control - make the form the container and use zorder to make the shape control appear on top of the tab.. ?? I haven't tried this and maybe the shape won't show.. but then its something to try..

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