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    Trick for dealing with Chapter Numbers for 1st Pages & Table of Contents

    There are times when a chapter header needs to look like one thing on the first page for the table of contents and then different on the subsequent pages. Or maybe not show up at all on the first page but still render in the TOC. Or you need it in the body of the page for proper numbering with text in the page header where chapter numbering dosen't work.

    Rather than deal with fields, a quick trick is to use color the text the same as the page background and a small font. You can use that line in lieu of a blank line or two after the text in the header so the spacing is correct between the header and body text. Creating the TOC by Style will still pick up the correct 1st page and text, but unless a person is a serious editor and reviews with the [Show/Hide] on (like I do ) they won't notice what has been done.


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    Welcome to the Lounge!

    I've moved this post into its own thread since it's a separate topic from the thread in which it was originally posted.

    Thanks for sharing this trick. One note of caution though: If you're working in a setting where more than one person might need to work in the document at some point, this trick might trip up other users who weren't in the know on what was done.


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