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    Any Windows Version having password waste of time

    i think having password on any version of windows is a waste of time as the password for any user account can be removed with in minutes and thats even without going into windows its self but password to have is the bios password forget windows passwords as if your computer or laptop gets stolen the user accounts password can be removed within seconds and i aint going to sit here telling you how to remove this password for security reasons but please tell me what you think about passwords on windows and thats any version of windows thanks from darrell
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    As with any level of security on a computer passwords can be defeated. But also as with any level of security it is just that another level one more door to get through. Windows passwords will keep out the casual interloper or nosy relative.
    With respect to BIOS passwords they are not much harder than Windows passwords to defeat unless you keep a lock on your case.
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    One of the primary rules about computer security is that if you lose physical control of the PC you've lost the battle. Passwords can be circumvented and should be considered only one line of defense. With today's powerful PCs and now the ability to use a graphics processor to do work, password cracking is easier than ever. You can make it more difficult to crack a password by using a password that is complex but easy for YOU to remember. For laptops many organizations now use encryption to further protect important information or the whole system.

    Any security can be bypassed given enough time, hardware, & motivation. All you can do is make it more difficult & time consuming.


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