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    Switch Auto Links to Manual

    I have an Excel 97 workbook with links to another '97 file. I would like the links update only when I choose to.

    According to help, I need to go to Tools, Options, Caluculation and remove the "Update External References" check. Have done that.

    Every time I re-open the file, the setting reestablishes itself: "Update External References" is re-checked and updates revert to automatic. I've tried combining with worksheet and workbook protection to no avail. I've removed this setting from both the source and dest only to have it reappear in both the next time I open them. I have created blank files and removed this setting, only to have it
    return to its checked position the next time I opened the file.

    It also says I can lock individual links by setting them to Manual in the Links dialog. This option is grayed out for all of my links.

    What am I doing wrong? Does this have to do with the way I created the link in the first place (copy and Paste Special Link)? Please help - this has me terribly confused.

    I'm on SR-2.

    Howard McDonald

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    Re: Switch Auto Links to Manual

    If I understand your situation properly, then the following code should fix your problem:

    Private Sub Workbook_Open()

    Application.Workbooks(0).UpdateRemoteReferences = False

    End Sub

    This will reset the remote references whenever you open the sheet. You will have to go in manually and set it back on when you want the references to update.

    To carry this further, you could use the code in a macro that is automatically added to the menubar when you open the spreadsheet.

    But atleast you have a start.

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    Re: Switch Auto Links to Manual

    Goto Tools | Options | Edit , and make sure the "Ask to Update Automatic Links" is checked.

    Then when you open a workbook with links you will be asked if want to update.

    Andrew C

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