Just read elsewhere about a privacy issue, of which I was not previously aware. There are a couple of quotes from Adobe -

Quote :-
What are the potential privacy issues ?
It has been reported that some companies may be using Flash Player local storage to track users online in place of using HTTP cookies for that purpose. Some companies may also place a backup copy of HTTP cookies in local storage for use in the event the user deletes their cookies (this has sometimes been referred to as “respawning”). Adobe has publicly condemned the use of local storage in ways that are contrary to the user’s expressed intentions, but the nature of providing tools for an open platform means that we cannot control how developers and content producers use our products.

Quote :-
The information stored in local storage remains on your computer after you close Flash Player (even if you clear your browser cache).

There is an option to control them. In Control Panel, open "Flash Player", in the "storage" tab change the selection to the "ask me ..." option (mine was set to "allow.." - not my doing!) When you next visit one of these sites, you'll get a box with "allow" or "deny" options. While in "storage", you can also check what sites are currently stored by clicking on the "Local storage by sites" button. Mine are mostly sites that I recognise and use, but a few were unknown to me, so I deleted them

Also, check the "camera and mike" tab, too. Mine is set to "ask me", and the list of sites in that one are all "regulars".

Hope this will be useful.