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    iPhone will not connect to my router.

    My iphone used to connect to my router but then it stopped. I have replaced the iPhone four times without any luck. I use a D-Link Dir 615 n-series router. I have tried two of these routers without any luck. Of course, each company blames the other. I am 2 feet from my router and my Wi-Fi connection to my phone flip flops between connected and not connected but never really making the connection. My iPhone connects to other free access points but not to my home network which consists of two desktops, a laptop, and a new PS3. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hello halbb, welcome!

    On face value the information appears to be conflicting: swapping out both the router and the iPhone, yet the issue still remains. If that is the case, you need to look for something that is common to both.

    If you are two feet away from the router, the signal strength would easily overcome most other RF blocking sources, but there is just a possibility that there may be a very strong local RF source next to your router blocking the iPhone. Are either the PS3 or laptop connected via wireless, or are they both on ethernet? If on wireless, do either have the same issue?

    Was the second router setup with a configuration file stored from the first router? If so, did the router config change? The config may be set incorrectly: one possibility in that respect is the router may be set to use a WPA password, but the iPhone may using a WEP password from an earlier setup for example.

    Another common possibility may be the router mains power supply may be noisy causing the connection to dropout, but I suspect that would have shown symptoms on the other devices.

    There may be other commonalities, but I can't think of any just now.

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