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    Add new menu - upgrading to Word 2007

    I can't seem to find an answer in the archives, though this must have been answered before - sorry.

    I have had my own menu in Word for years, with macros allowing me to put the file path and name into the clipboard for pasting into emails or wherever; for making frequently needed formatting changes, and so forth. I could run the macros by doing Alt-p (for &Peter's menu), then the letter for the macro - &Get full filename; &Keep para together and with next, etc. Three key-strokes, including the Alt.

    I've just been upgraded from Word 2003 to Word 2007. Now I've set Word 2007 to use the old template, my menu, and the macros appear in Addins; but I can't seem to find a way to run the macros using keystrokes; and I'ld really like it to run like it used to under Word 2003.

    I've looked quite hard for a solution, but haven't found one yet. Is this possible?


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    To get the Alt+p Alt+g efficiency, I think you might have to build a VBA UserForm. It's time-consuming, but not technically difficult. I've attached a silly example that shows what I mean. (The form and launcher macro ultimately would be implanted in Normal.dotm or wherever your macros are stored.)
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    I had a similar problem when I first began using my add-on templates in W2007. Some keyboard shortcuts worked and some did not. In trying to add the shortcut keys I discovered that they have to be set in the template or document that has the macro being called. In W2003 & before a shortcut could call any macro loaded into memory. My shortcuts were all over the place, even had a shortcut in one add in calling a macro in another.

    I'm guessing that your shortcuts are in Normal.dotm and the macros are in your add in. Fix that and, if your macros work when called directly, they should work when called from the keystrokes.


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    First, if possible, upgrade to Word 2010, it is a lot better for customization (still not as good as Word 2003 IMHO).

    I still maintain a copy of Word 2003 to manually tweak custom menus. If you can, go back to 2003 temporarily, and move your customizations to a separate global template. You can move keyboard shortcuts using Chris Woodman's shortcut organizer.

    If you create a separate template to hold your customizations, you can load them into Word 2010. Your menus will be available under the Add-Ins tab and your keyboard shortcuts will be active.

    A bit of work. I hope this helps.


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