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    Windows 7 has set all my files to write protected

    My Windows 7 has set all my files to 'write protected' and won't let me alter the attributes - even though runningn as 'administrator' and acting as if I have been successful - but on trying to access the file again I am told that it is write protected - and is shown as such in 'properties'.
    How do I stop this?
    I've checked that I am the owner of the files, and set 'full control' in Security.
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    Hi Poltor,

    Check this Microsoft TechNet Forum thread. I used the instructions to idenify my hard disk and check the read-only attribute status in Windows 7 and it worked as described. The command ATTR DISK CLEAR READONLY should work as well.

    Check this VistaForums tutorial to see if anything there will remedy the situation. It is also pertinent to Windows 7.

    You might also check this Microsoft Answers thread to see if any of the suggestions work for you.

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    I followed Deadeye81's advice and checked out the links he provided. I ran the diskpart.exe program from a command prompt, and the Detail Disk for my drive said that the Read-only state was "no". I ran the "attrib disk clear readonly" anyway since some said that worked for them even though Detail Disk said no readonly, and I got the message "Diskpart failed to clear the disk attributes". The disk volume attributes cleared, but the diskpart attributes stubbornly refuse to be cleared or set for that matter. Scratching my head.

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    I would try a Repair Install of Win 7. This may find and fix your problem. After all we don't wish you to scratch yourself bald.
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