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    Insert Table of Figures not working

    In Word 2007, I've got a document for which I'm not the original author, but that I'm now editing, that I'm trying to update or insert a new table of figures and a table of tables in. For some reason it's only listing about three of the table and five of the figures in the lists. I've tried doing it be selecting the style of the figure and table captions and by selecting the prefix "Figure" or "Table" and nothing seems to work. FWIW, track changes is on. Any suggestions out there as to what might be going on with this?

    Thanks for the help.
    Bill Lugg

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    First, it's possible that some caption numbers are not fields at all. You can check for that at a glance by turning on the field shading (Word options > Advanced > Show document content section > Field shading: Always.

    The TOC "default" field code for figures ({ TOC \h \z \c "Figure" }) looks for the SEQ field identifier ("Figure"), which is the same as the caption label. To see the caption field codes, press Alt+F9 (ex.: { SEQ Figure \* ARABIC }). Check to make sure that the seq identifier is the same for all figures, including case and spaces, if any.

    If the checks above don't help, the quickest thing might be to use a styles-based TOF. The figure an table captions will have to be separate styles. I often use Caption and Caption-table (so they will be close together in a sorted styles list). Word will generate a TOC code that looks like this: { TOC \h \z \t "Caption-table" \c } for a tables TOF.


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