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Thread: Shutting down

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    Shutting down

    The shut down option does not show up in dialog box. The only option is to restart. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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    Re: Shutting down


    Sorry to hear of your difficulties. Good Grief!!! What you describe is something new to me.

    I would click Start/Help. When the screen appears, click "System Restore." Follow the directions, and restore to a prior date. (This is assuming that your problems with Win ME occurred just recently, and that all options in the Start/Shudown box were available originally.)

    My best to you and yours. Hope this helps, and Happy New Year!

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    Re: Shutting down

    Goto Start, Settings, Task Bar and Start Menu.
    Click on Advanced and under Task Bar and Start Menu ensure that Display Logoff has a tick by it. If it doesn't click on it and click Apply and OK and should be set.

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