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    Restoring Apps after OS Upgrade (Win 98 SE)

    I was having problems with Win 95: couldn't get dial-up networking to work, despite several uninstalls, installs (including from the .cab files), etc.; then had to start and run in safe mode to avoid an error message about a problem with NWREDIR.

    I installed Win 98, which now boots, but it moved many of my apps (including Word 97 and Excel 97) to a folder with a strange name (something like !?!?!?). The .exe files to launch the apps are still there, but sometimes there are complaints about Visual Basic not being installed or accessible or something...

    Can I simply move all the program-related files en masse back to the Programs folder, or must I delete (or uninstall?) them and then re-install them all from the original CD-ROM's?

    Also, when Win 98 boots, it complains about a virus checker's VXD file (apparently referred to in SYSTEM.INI or the registry) which it can no longer find. Again, can I simply move files around or should I uninstall and re-install?



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    Re: Restoring Apps after OS Upgrade (Win 98 SE)

    If you have backups of ALL data and email files, I would format the hard drive and start all over. I have never seen any of the problems, you may have a virus that has realy infected your machine.

    The "NWREDIR" has do with the "Microsoft Client for NetWare Networks " and it appears that your network settings were changed beyond repair.

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