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    Question Microsoft advice for Popureb infection

    From slashdot:

    Microsoft is telling users that a full re-install is necessary to remove this scumware.


    indicates otherwise. Is this the same Microsoft that Windows Secrets tells us they know how deal with such scumware by recommending Microsoft Security Essentials?

    Is Popureb really that bad? Why didn't Microsoft recommend their own tools for dealing with this (instead of re-install)?

    Your observations would be appreciated.

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    These scumware are getting more suffisticated as time goes on. It appears there is some discussion on the best way to elliminate this nasty. An Up To Date Image would most likely solve this problem similarly to a reinstall. Except that it would reinstall all customizations and apps as well. This is another example of how important an Up To Date Image can be. Scareware, scumware, virus, call it what you will. One of our best restorations is imaging.
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    Microsoft updated the blog post, probably in response to all the alarm. Sounds much easier now:

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    That MSE is not able to deal with a particularly nasty piece of malware is not surprising. Malware has become very sophisticated. So much so that enterprise computing environments not only have to employ A/V packages that include Internet security, but also separate IDS (Intrusion detection systems) and DLP (data loss prevention) systems. A/V packages look for malware/trojan/virus signatures in the top so many bytes in the first data packet of a transmission. The really nasty malware and trojans of the last couple of years now bury their payload deeper in the transmission to avoid detection. That's why MSE, McAfee, Symantec, Kasperky, etc can miss the infection. That's not to say you should go without it. Absolutely you need an Internet protection software. But you also need to keep patches current and run either as non-administrator, or keep the UAC at a high enough level to get warned when changes are being made to your system. Where I work, we already have appliances in place, but we're looking at beefing our defenses with Netwitness.

    Did you know that there is at least one company (Russian, I think) that scans new malware for scammers with all the major A/V packages to verify that it can escape detection? I read about a big malware/scareware bust last week. Read it, its amazing what was going on. It read exactly like the take down of a major drug cartel. Its become that sophisticated. Malware is big business and this is a fight that will never be over.

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    Depends on your level of computer know-how. Until a removal tool for dummies comes out that can effect a removal & repair with just a few mouse clicks,
    MS tends to cater to the novice user in their advice, and revises it when their under the gun by more advanced users.

    For your typical novice computer users, a rootkit or a bootkit infection in many instances, novices should very well be advised to perform a full clean install.
    Try walking a novice through a MBR repair or a complex rootkit eradication and repair job, especially 0 day, and see how far that gets you. LOL

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    Lightbulb MBR "Repair"

    Hi Clint : For someone ( a "Malware Removal Specialist" ) who walked a novice through a MBR "Repair", visit the thread at
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