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    Connecting a Canon printer to my wireless network

    I am trying to connect my Canon 5250 printer to print wirelessly but it keeps telling me that the printer is offline. So far I've set up the printer using a USB cable and then the wireless connection, but without success. I entered my SSID and Pre-Shared Key during the wireless setup and it tells me it's connected and sees the access point. The Wi-Fi indicator lights up.

    In spite of this when I try to print with Wi-Fi it tells me the printer is off-line. I can print using the USB cable but not Wi-Fi.

    My guess is that, in my ignorance, I'm missing something simple, but for the life of me I don't know what! Any help you guys can give will be really helpful.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I had very intermittent connections wirelessly to my Canon wireless multifunction (Pixma MP 620) I finally gave up and connected the printer directly to my wireless router via ethernet cable. I suspect my Canon printer software just was not very good. Since the ethernet cable is working fine, I found no reason to investigate further.

    Have you installed the latest printer drivers and software directly on the PC before making the attempt?
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    Make sure not to drop "Ping" (ICMP Echo Request) on your router settings. I could not get my printer to communicate with my computers, but I could see that the WiFi light was lit indicating that my rpinter was communicating with my router. Hope this helps. Sorry it's so late in coming.

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