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    Watermark hidden by text in two sections only (Word 2007)

    I am looking at a document typed in a much earlier version of Word and updated every year. The current version is Word 2007.

    Each page is a section of its own and headers and footers are not being used and I want to insert a draft watermark on every page of the document. I know I have to do this on every page because of the way Word 2007 handles watermarks so no problems there.

    The problem is that when I place the watermark on the last two pages, the watermark is partly covered by the body text. Exactly the same thing happens if I try to replace the watermark with WordArt in the header. I've tried sending the watermark forwards, backwards, in front of and behind the text and nothing works - the only way I can see the full watermark is to change the text wrapping so that the text wraps around it!

    Any help or suggestions gratefully received!

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    I thought that was normal for watermarks, that they go behind the text. I'm surprised they work differently in different sections. Maybe the feature has changed in Word 2007? Viewing the raw XML of the file might help identify what is different between the watermarks in different sections.

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    I think that putting a watermark in the header or footer puts it automatically behind the 'page' object. The float options only move the shape within its own object.

    If you want a watermark in front of the page text then it can't go into the header and must be placed on every page with a float setting in front of text.
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