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    Links open where?

    When I click a link in a non-browser application (typically an email message), it opens in my default browser (for me, Firefox). If no browser is open, it starts the browser and opens the page. If I have a browser window open, it shows me the page in a new tab.

    I often have multiple instances (windows) of my browser open. For example; one instance may be playing a radio, another may be monitoring multiple forums, and another would have many tabs for a research thread I'm currently on. I can choose to open a link when I'm browsing in the current tab, a new tab of the same instance, or a new instance.

    When I click a link in an email, it seems to open in some random instance. Is there any way to force outside links to open in a specific instance?


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    Hi Bill,

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    Unfortunately, you can't choose how an email link opens. Other links can be right clicked, giving various options including a new tab or window.
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