Recently bought an no-model-number Logitech illuminated keyboard with SetPoint2.x software. Never had problems with hardware software in the past, so did not look for latest version. After installation, a click on the Logitech icon gave Win7-64 bit an instant BSOD with auto-shutdown to "protect" my hardware. Scary and mystifying.

My computer (GigaByte mboard, i7 processor, 12 Gb ram, EVGA videocard, etc) then refused to reboot past the initial post screen. Several presses of the reset button finally got past the hangup but the bios wanted to be re-installed. Used safe mode to uninstall the evil software. Luckily RevoUnistaller worked as Windows uninstaller doesn't in safe mode.

Upon reboot, Win 7 said it rebuilt the hives but seemed to hang on the welcome screen. But a backup image meant the gremlins gave way and it started. Several subsequent boots caused a long pause at the start of the post screen.

Subsequently, I downloaded SetPoint 6.x, the latest version of Logitech keyboard software and gingerly installed it. It too had a few hiccups and some keyboard special functions were incompletely functional. Since I didn't like the keyboard I returned the it and will reluctantly avoid Logitech in future. In the past, I've used Logitech products including the inimitible Scanman 256 hand scanner which surpassed even the latest hand scan products.

I guess I learned a good lesson about looking for updated driver software before installing anything even if the instructions don't ask for this. This is especially true when big box stores may get their hands on "lost" pallets of "old" hardware. Just want to warn others to do the same.