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    Reboot without left-clicking a username, after a power outage

    My home experiences power outages several times per week. I need my XP Media Center PC to automatically reboot itself after every power outage. Right now I need to left-click on my username before all programs run. This causes a problem, since I am using Magic Jack Phone service. My wife works from home with her laptop & counts on Magic Jack. I am not always at home, so when we have a 10 second power outage, my PC (which is the computer that Magic Jack is hooked-up to) starts the reboot process but will only go so far as the screen where I need to left-click on my username. Without clicking on my username, all programs (including Magic Jack) will not load. How do I eliminate the need to left-click a username before all programs startup?

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    This is not an answer to your question but a possible solution to the problem. I would recommend investing in a UPS (universal power supply) such as this. When the power goes out the UPS takes over and your system never knows anything happened. The improper shut downs are terrible on your equipment and will most likely eventually lead to a system failure.


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    I agree with the UPS (which I think means uninterruptible power supply) advice. I have one for my desktop. This will allow you to have the pc running for short outages and you will never have those issues again. For longer outages, you can have the computer shutdown in an orderly fashion, which can spare you from problems from unexpected shutdowns. Your hardware will benefit from it, too.

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    I agree that you should invest in an UPS.

    See if How to turn on automatic logon in Windows XP helps your logon issue.


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    As an old tech, I can sure agree that a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is a must have for any computer user.
    Here is FL, lighting can strike 10,000 times per thunderstorm and the power is off again, on again, which drives a
    computer crazy.
    I concur, that the APC brand is the best, for home use. It's an old and trusted company that makes UPS's from little ones
    for home use to HUGE ones that can power a complete house.
    I run five of them in my own home.
    I even have a 600W unit on my TV/Cable box/ VCR. I've replaced the two little Gel-Cells with two large car batteries, for several hours of run time. The last time I ran a test on that system, the UPS ran for seven hours, before it even started beeping, to let me know the battery power was getting low.

    The better (higher wattage and higher priced) UPS's come with a USB cable and software to run in the PC. In case of total power failure the software in the PC monitors the batteries in the UPS and will shut down programs and finally shut down the PC before the batteries fail. That's a safe and orderly shutdown, which does NO harm to the PC.

    Even on what seems like a nice day, I get short power failures that can make a mess out of a PC if there was no UPS. They also knock off my TV Cable box and my Cable modem and router.

    Recently, I picked up one small UPS at Wal-Mart for $39, to provide power to my Cable Modem and Router.
    The Cyber Power UPS that I had on there, failed, even though the battery was still good. I'm now using that Gel-Cell battery for an emergency light in my bathroom.

    Good Luck and Happy Computing!
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    Since you are running XP, you can set up your account to "Auto login"

    If you have TweakUI there is a "Auto login" that will solve your problem.
    You can get it FREE from

    Now running HP Pavilion a6528p, with Win7 64 Bit OS.

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