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    PPT Quiz making --- Sorry in advance is this question was posted

    Hello Loungers

    I am very sorry if this question was answered before, I searched but did not come up with anything.

    I am thinking of making a PowerPoint presentation quiz for our department. The features that I would like to have are:

    1) Have the questions read from a file, maybe an Excel worksheet. This way we can automate the question production.
    2) Have the excel worksheet tally the answers and provide a grade or percentage of passing score.
    3) Having the excel worksheet compile the results of who is passing and who is not.
    4) The Power Point presentation should have a nice way to navigate from question to question under time control. Say 30 seconds per question.
    5) Have the Power Point presentation provide feedback to the user at the end of the test.
    6) Maybe have VBA control the excel worksheet and the Power Point presentation for security and integrity of the quiz.

    Any ideas are welcome

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    Sounds like you will need more than Powerpoint for this one.... Have a look at a free webbased system called Moodle . It will allow you to capture questions, grade them automatically for you and give you nice reports too.

    There is also an online system set up to do just what you are asking for called Proprofs.

    If you have success, please let us know about it.

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    I just typed Quiz in Search this Forum and it brought up a few things, including this one that itself links to other resources.

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