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    Outlook Spellcheck offers only Undo Edit or Cancel as an option

    Outlook 2010
    I've ocassionally had this problem but now it seems permanent. If I have a typo in an email before I send it I have set the option to check the spelling. When the spelling dialogue box comes up it shows a button for Undo Edit, then the buttons Ignore All and Add to Dictionary are greyed out. There are sometimes some alternative spellings shown but they are also greyed out. If I click Undo Edit, nothing happens. If I click cancel the only option is then to send or not. I'm a stickler for good spellin in my emails, so not having a spellcheck is distressing (in case people realise I really can't type or spell that well!)

    Any suggestions most gratefully received.

    Information: this is part of Office Professional and an upgrade over Office 2003.

    Picture attached.

    Edit: I've just noticed that this problem only happens for new emails, not if I'm replying to someone.
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