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    Where to Find Best How-To: Stream PC Content to TVs over Network

    I have an old Mitusbishi HDTV, 65", WD-65731, 1080p, with inputs for DVI,Component,SVideo,Analog, but no network RJ-45.
    SO I bought a Sony Blu-Ray, network-ready, player, a BDP-X37, that has a few widgets like netflix and the like, which can SEE much of my network, including both several NAS units as well as my Asus WIn7 Pro laptop, another WIn7 Home laptop, but I cannot get it to play any content from these devices nor my laptops over the net.

    I suspect I have to buy some additional hardware, such as a dedicated windows media center device. I haven't seriously dug into this to learn everything yet, but was wondering if anyone knows of a good "how-to" manual/book/article I could reference that would help. I also receive TV through DirecTV and through OTA HD from nearby Austin, TX channels, I have an Onkyo audio system driving the sounds, connected with both digital and analog to the various devices.

    Mainly, I have a LOT of photos, many videos in various formats, on both the DLink 2-drive NAS units (2 and 3 terabyte drives in them), and I'd like to be able to stream them to my TV over the network, and control what gets displayed of course. Has anyone seen a good all-encompassing how-to-do-that ?

    Laptops both have HDMI sockets, but I'd rather not have the cable laying across the living room floor if I can avoid it - the Roombas don't play nicely with cables...Though the front of the Mits TV has a combo s video/analog audio(RCA jacks) input behind a front panel - I suppose there might be a cable that converts from HDMI down to svideo/analog, but surely there's a better, more hifi way to go using either the wireless network (both g & n). After all, isn't windows media stuff supposed to be wonderful?

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    It seems the Sony streams from the internet but not readily from your network. You really need a player that supports the various file formats directly.
    I'll post some options tomorrow.

    cheers, Paul

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