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Thread: Excel solver

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    Excel solver

    Pls see attached. Anyone have any thought what might be tripping up my solver? I keep running into the same issue where Excel says that the conditions required for a Linear solution aren't met by my (very basic) Excel models. I can use Data Tables to find solutions to these three projects, but I would like to know where I might be going wrong with solver. Others I know have been able to use solver to get solutions for the same models. Problem with Excel solver.xlsx

    Many thanks!

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    You have the solving method as "Simplex LP" this is for solutions that are mathematically linear. Your setup is not linear

    Change the method to "GRG Non-linear" and you should not get the error.

    PS when I use solver for 3 Problems I get
    A:36.2274653072142 at a price of -7662.26

    B: Price of 21 for a profit of 180500

    C: Price of 4.48022927114475 for 222.30
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