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    Adding printers to Win7 on a domain

    I have just added four new Win7 Pro machines to my 45 client SBS 2003 domain to replace older XP computers. &nbsp;Each of the four computers needs access to two printers: one networked Ricoh and one networked wireless Brother. &nbsp;When I set up the four computers as domain administrator I added the two printers to each machine. &nbsp;However, I discovered that when a non-admin user logs on to any one of them she sees no printers and the printers must be manually added. &nbsp;These are my first Win7 Pro installations. &nbsp;Is it normal to have to add printers?<br> <br>When manually adding the printers to the Win7 Pro machines for non-admin users, one of the computers added both printers without incident. &nbsp;Two of the machines required admin permission from the UAC to load the Ricoh, but not the Brother, and one required admin permission to load the Brother, but not the Ricoh. &nbsp;Frustrating, especially if I must do this for every user (upwards of 20 users per machine and all on different days) for every machine &nbsp;As I plan to add more Win7 Pro machines to replace XP I would like to figure a way around these two problems. &nbsp;Thanks.

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    As this is a domain you should have set the printers up on the server. Then any user can connect automatically because the PC trusts the server and loads the drivers. It also allows you to update drivers and change default settings globally. Setting up printers on each machine manually is a waste of your time.
    To connect to a printer on a print server you run the command "\\server\printer_name". You can do this in a link, batch file, GPO etc.

    cheers, Paul

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