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    Thunderbird "Unified Folders" View Not Working Properly

    I have three email accounts, so one of the features I like most in Thunderbird is the "Unified Folders" view. Recently while still using Thunderbird 3.1.11, and now also with 5.0, some of my email folders from those accounts are not being combined properly. If I select Inbox, I see all of my received mail combined across all three accounts. But if I select Trash, I only see the mail I've deleted from two of my accounts. I have to click on the little wedge to display the individual accounts and then select each one to see all of my deleted messages. On my wife's laptop, her Inbox combines properly, but her Sent folder won't. Again, the problem started with Thunderbird 3.1.11 and continue with 5.0.

    Has anyone else encountered this problem and figured out a way to make the folders combine properly?

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    I have similar problems with my 7 or so email accounts. Repairing the folders seems to fix it for a little while, but the best method is to close TB for a few minutes and open again. Doesn't always work!

    cheers, Paul

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