For a couple of years we have run with our two PCs accessing files via our wired network on a ReadyNAS box quite happily. Miscellaneous shared files, backups, photos, media etc on several Shares have all been accessible to both our PCs. We run Windows 7 Home Premium. No Homegroup. The shares each have distinct drive letters in windows explorer.

Suddenly I find that from my PC I can see everything but cannot write. My wife's PC still has full access.

I am rather at a loss to explain this. I am not aware of having done anything to cause this.

It is easy to get drawn into possible red herrings when tackling a problem like this and I am trying to avoid getting dragged down to too much detail, as there may well be a basic problem in my settings that accounts for everything.

But I will relate one strange bit of evidence. I seem to be able to copy a file into the root of these shares but not into any of the folders on them.

I have thought about fiddling with the security settings in the properties of each folder - eg. reset read only, allow full access - but why should that be necessary and it will be time consuming? Something basic has gone wrong.

I will pause at this point before I confuse the picture further. Any ideas anyone as to who/what dunnit?

Thanks, David HS