I installed a 2tb harddrive as my main drive - boot, and 4 partitions. However Win 7 will develop problems if I attempt to go beyond 1tb of the drive. CHKDSK shows errors were there are none and attempts to format beyond 1tb say read error. Interestingly if I boot into Ubuntu, the 2tb drive is functional and if I use Acronis Disk Director, booting from the CD, I can format past 1tb. But then win7 is very slow to start, saying there is a problem with one of the other partitions.
In device manager it says I have the latest nforce serial ATA controller driver -, 6/6/2008. If I try to get updated drivers from nvidia, it will not install new ide drivers. If I force new ide files into the System32 folder, Windows will keep rebooting after a couple of seconds of "Starting".
My bios is M2N SLI, NF560 SLI updated to 2010.
Windows 7 Professional with SP1
AMD 64 X2 5000+