I built a desktop PC for a friend last week, and am having a problem with the USB ports in the case, which are on top with separate leads for each of the two ports. They're not working, and since the case manufacturer and the motherboard manufacturer aren't calling things by the same names, I can't tell if the lead wires are arranged identically to the motherboard pins or not.

The case leads for USB 1 are in a block, arranged and identified as:
VCC 1 (Red), DATA-1 (White), DATA+1 (Green), GND 1 (Black), SHIELD 1 (Black)

The case leads for USB 2 are in a separate block, arranged and identified the same way. The manual for the case gives a sample motherboard pin layout, which shows all 5 USB 1 leads attaching to a pin, and every USB 2 lead but SHIELD attaching to a pin.

There are 2 USB pin "blocks" on the motherboard, each with the same pin labeling:
Row 1: VCC, USB 1-, USB 1+, Ground, USBOC
Row 2: VCC, USB 0-, USB 0+, Ground, No Pin

I attached each lead to the first (5-pin) row on the motherboard, each lead to a separate block. The ports aren't working. Device Manager says everything is OK. Any ideas what might be wrong?