I am running Win 7 64 and have a small home network. My HP2600n is directly connected to my PC by a USB cable. After considerable searching and experimenting I found I could get it to work with my PC by using Vista 64 bit driver. All seemed ok as I don't use the printe that much but do most of my printing on a networked HP1200. The prime use of the 2600 was printing from Photoshop CS4.
I have been trying to print some slides from PowerPoint (Office 2010) and the application will not recognize the printer, I also found that Word would not either. When I try the generic Windows printing application it does not work either
If I go to the Control Panel printer control I can print test pages just fine as with Photoshop. I have tried installing the latest drivers from HP with no change. I haven't tried the other PC as it is Win 7-32 and never had the same issues. I have kept the OS upto date and presume it is SP-1
Any suggestions would be appreciated