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    Unexplained loss of access to folders & files on ReadyNAS box

    Yes, I posted this under networking a couple of days ag, but nobody has responded, so I hope I will be forgiven for reposting under Windows 7...
    For a couple of years we have run with our two PCs accessing files via our wired network on a ReadyNAS box quite happily. Miscellaneous shared files, backups, photos, media etc on several Shares have all been accessible to both our PCs. We run Windows 7 Home Premium. No Homegroup. The shares each have distinct drive letters in windows explorer.

    Suddenly for no apparent reason I find that from my PC I can see everything, all the folder listings, etc., but I cannot copy files into any of the folders. My wife's PC still has full access.

    I am rather at a loss to explain this. I am not aware of having done anything to cause this.

    It is easy to get drawn into possible red herrings when tackling a problem like this and I am trying to avoid getting dragged down to too much detail, as there may well be a basic problem in my settings that accounts for everything.

    But I will relate one strange bit of evidence. I seem to be able to copy a file into the root of these shares but not into any of the folders on them.

    I have thought about fiddling with the security settings in the properties of each folder - eg. reset read only, allow full access - but why should that be necessary and it will be time consuming? Something basic has gone wrong.

    I will pause at this point before I confuse the picture further. Any ideas anyone as to what has caused this problem?

    Thanks, David HS
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    Please do not cross post. I'm sorry you have not yet received any responses. Either no one knowledgable has read the post yet or we don't have anyone knowledgable in ReadyNAS. I'm locking this thread.

    Please post any responses to the original thread in networking.


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