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    Netscape and DUN (Netscape 4.7)

    I had run into major problems trying to upgrade to DUN 1.4 and a later version of Winsock than what was supplied with my Windows 95. I lost my dial-up ability.

    After lots of tinkering, I now have installed Windows 98. I can successfully dial in to my provider. But (after I've dialed in) when I start Netscape (4.7) I get an error message: "Netscape was unable to make a network socket connection."

    Is this a Winsock problem, a DUN problem, or a Netscape problem, and how should I solve it?

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    Re: Netscape and DUN (Netscape 4.7)

    Do you get a similar problem using IE5. If so, there is an error in your DUN/Networking setup.

    Also, <A target="_blank" HREF=>this</A> may help.

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