I'm new to this forum although I've been subscribing to the newsletter for a while.I've run into an unusual Win 7 problem that nobody seems to be able to solve so I thought I'd try my luck here.
The problem is with the System Configuration utility.The boot tab has become dysfunctional, my OS isn't listed in the window, the apply button is greyed out and I can't click anything. I can't use the tab to restart in safe mode.
There is no actual boot problem, the system boots normally, or in safe mode by pressing F8.In System Configuration the General tab is set for selective startup,system services and startup items.I noticed that if I select normal startup my OS then appears in the boot tab window but there is an error message saying that "...the device is not ready..", and the options on the tab are still inaccessible.
I also ran into a problem with another program, ARDC Data Recovery Tools. I was doing a scan for some accidentally deleted files but got an error message saying that the disks boot sectors were inaccessible, an error message very similar to the one I got in System Configuration.
This went on for some time, then mysteriously cleared up for a time. SysConfig began working normally, but after a week or so the boot tab became dysfunctional again.
Sfc scannow did not reveal any problems with system files. I also ran chkdsk and HD Tune which didn't turn up any problems. There isn't a bad sector on the disk and the file system is fine, although I noticed that after I ran chkdsk the error message in ARDC went away although the problem is still there in SysConfig.I even tried disabling my security software, Viper AV Premium, but it didn't help.
I am running Win7 Home Premium (x64), Intel dual core @2,13 Ghz, 4MB RAM, ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650. Can anyone tell me why my disks boot sectors are inaccesible to the SysConfig utility and how I can fix the problem ? Thanks in advance.