I typically use WMP10/11 to rip my CDs to a NAS, this runs Twonky and all is fine at the streamer end. I rarely listen to my music through my PC and WMP itself.

I have just noticed that if I do use my laptop (and WMP11) to listen locally it presents me with two libraries. One is just called "music" and the other lies under a sub-heading "other libraries" this one shows my NAS and the shared music folder(s).

The CD I wanted to listen to was different in the two representations. The NAS has all the tracks, the straight "Music" did not have all the tracks. When I looked at the location of the tracks that each showed me they were the same. No music is stored on my PC. As far as I know no library exists on my PC.

Can anyone explain simply what is going on. I rip music to the specified location on the RIP options tab- why does it then have two instances and why are they not the same.

Mike C