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    Two keyboards? Woring independenly? Possible or not?

    I was asked the question: " ... and I would love to use 1 of them (the keyboards) as a dedicated soundboard. To be clear, I want to be able to map each key on this additional keyboard to a different sound clip (in MP3 format) that I have stored on my hard drive. I know there are many different ways to map your keyboard keys to different functions than default, but I want one of my keyboards to function as usual while the additional keyboard serves as a dedicated, programmable soundboard. Does anyone know of any programs that can do this? Also, to be more specific, I use a PC operating Windows 7 (64 bit). Any help would be thoroughly appreciated! Additionally, if there isn't any software anyone knows about that can do this, perhaps someone knows of some decent hardware that could do this? I can't seem to find any luck in my search for a soundboard device which can be hooked up to a PC that can play sound clips from the PC's hard drive, but this would also be a viable option for me."

    As hardware, most systems will not recognize 2 separate keyboards but is there a program that will solve this problem?
    Or, could one keyboard suffice and simply remap the keyboard and switch between the two 'maps'. (I do this when typing in different languages) However, can one 'map' in user-selcected musical terms within Window 7?
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    I use 2 keyboards, one is a Large Print USB keyboard. The other one is a wireless Sony original keyboard that goes with my Vaio computer.

    The reason for 2 keyboards is one for my eyes, and the Sony one because some special keys I use are not on my Large Print. I have no problems with 2 keyboards. Hope this helps My Best, Eugene

    PS forgot to say the wireless shuts off auto and when I need the keys I use it comes on auto. Both are connect all the time.
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