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    IE 9 now an integral part of W7

    This is sort of an addition to my last post about a "boot problem" I did pick up a new PC, W7 HP. (Dell i5 4GB RAM 1TB HDD) this is the 2nd new pc I've set up here at work. The first came with IE9 but it was listed as an installed update, and I was easily able tol roll back to IE8. This because the sites used here are not yet compatible with anything other than 8. The newest one also has IE9 but it is NOT shown as an installed update. Rather it "just is" much as IE8 was when 7 first shipped. So my only way out was tot d/l and install IE8 over 9 to get back. Much more of a hassle. We use legacy apps, and rarely updated web sites for whatever reason, (above my pay grade I suppose) and they only just went from supporting IE6 to IE8 on the main site, the one all my people live on all day long.
    So not much a question as FYI. For me, if anyone has an easier way to go from 9 to 8 I would love to hear it. Thanks all and have a COOL day! (it's near 100 here in central NJ this week!)

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    I guess moving from IE9 back to IE8 when IE9 is the resident browser is a hassle. MS does not realise that some PC's, especially those used in a work environment, do not always have access to updated web sites that can handle IE9. Unfortunately Home Premium also does not have access to XP Mode either. You need pro or above for that. I'm wondering if another virtual XP would have been able to load a virtual IE8 to allow this access. Or perhaps IE9 in compatibility mode would have worked.
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    This is a shot in the dark but have you tried Add/Remove Programs "Turn Windows Features on or off" ?
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