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    Question Side by side run time errors in windows xpsp3

    I never had this problem before and when i do i usually Google my way out of it. However I think Microsoft screwed me up more. After getting my computer back from repair in the event log I was getting
    this sidebyside error "resolve partial assembly failed for Microsoft vc80crt the reference assembly is not installed on your system", error 59. I checked and the web said i needed to install Visual c++ redistributable -x86 either 2008 or 2010. I have windows xp sp3 professional so i thought i needed to down load 2010. So anyway the next day I look in add and remove and i have two versions of the visual C++ 2008 redistributable-80 already installed, so i say good, although i didn't download this and i don't know how it got there but it's fixed? Wrong, next i started to get this error again sidebyside error "dependent assembly Microsoft vc80 crt could not be found and is not installed on your system error 59. OK hum, I look into it some more and i go into add and remove and now i also have installed visual C++ 2010 redistributable-80 installed and again i didn't do anything. I go up to the web Google and it says to try and reinstall 2010 so I try it and nothing? Here's the problem i know this is too much information and am editing this. No post shows what to do if installing these visual products on your computer don't fix the problem. I also learned that it's a microsoft software that needs this to work.
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