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    Firefox 5 - Bookmarks missing

    I'm having a problem that started with Firefox 4 and continued after I upgraded to 5. My bookmarks from the toolbar menu don't open, instead what shows up is a little white square about a pixel in size. I searched the Firefox help site and found info on Norton 360 causing a problem and uninstalled it. I then deleted the places.sqlite file but that didn't fix it. I've even removed Firefox altogether and cleaned out the registry before reinstalling but the same problem keeps creeping back. It might seem to work right for the first time I open it but after that the problem returns. I can open them from the bookmark library but I can't create new ones or edit existing entries. I've had a bug report on Mozilla's site but no answer yet.

    I'm running Windows 7 home premium x64 on a home built machine, I also have Windows 7 professional x64 on a work computer but it doesn't have this problem. All of my x32 machines also run the program without a problem and a few of them have Norton 360 installed.

    Does anyone have an idea on what I should try next? I'm almost getting to the point of formatting the drive and starting over but I'd rather avoid that if I can.
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    If the same bookmarks are on another pc, export them then import them to the other one.
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    Can you explain the steps you're using in more detail? For example, there is a Bookmarks Toolbar which contains individual bookmarks. Then there are two different toolbar buttons: one drops down the Bookmarks menu, the other opens the Bookmarks sidebar. Which one(s) have the problem?

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    Do you still get the problem if you open Firefox in Firefox's Safe Mode? (shortcut in the Start Menu).

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