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Thread: Making a DVR

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    Making a DVR

    I guess it was months ago that one of the Windows Secrets writers said she would post instructions for a configure-your-own DVR using Windows, or something similar. Where is that?

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    Don't know, but I use WinTV, which came with my DVD recorder, and it functions perfectly well as a DVR. I record movies that appear during off-hours on TCM and the wife and I watch them in the evenings when we have time. I transfer them to a USB stick which I plug into the HDTV.

    I suspect that you can do something similar with Windows Media Center, but I think that it records things in a proprietary format. WinTV records shows using MPEG2, so the recordings are easy to watch on the TV without having to have the computer connected to the TV (which is good for me 'cuz the PC is upstairs and the TV downstairs).
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