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    Formfield referencing problem (Word 2000)

    Okay - I have a form that the user fills out and then I have a button to click and it will format the entire document using the data that the user filled in. For example - they fill in patient name in a textbox field and that data is taken and populated wherever needed. I've decided I'm referring to the textbox correctly but it is just not putting it where it goes. Does anyone have any ideas for me??

    Thank you !!

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    Re: Formfield referencing problem (Word 2000)


    1) Form fields (those inserted using the Forms toolbar) only work when the document is protected (locked) for forms.

    2) With the template unprotected, double-click on your field to display its properties. Check the box for "calculate on exit." This property is misnamed and should be called "update anything based on this field upon exit."

    3) The duplications from the text field should be cross-reference fields { REF text1 }. Note that the field delimiters can not be typed in, you must use a Word command to insert them. (Insert => Cross-Reference..., or Insert => Field..., or Ctrl-F9)

    4) If you have done these things, when you protect your document again, if you type something into the text field, it should show up everywhere you used a REF field to duplicate it. If this doesn't work, please write back.

    5) For more on Forms follow the links at ( , on Fields follow the links at <A target="_blank" HREF=> Word Web Resources - Fields

    If you don't want to use a protected form, then look into the ASK field. You can download a sample of how this works from <A target="_blank" HREF=> my Word download page</A>.
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